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Bathroom Remodeling Ideas Small to Large

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Bathroom Remodeler’s Top Tips for Making a Small Bathroom Look Larger

The ongoing trend of making the bathroom look larger in the home has become essential. To help with the growing trend, bathroom remodeling company Luxury Bath is offering its top five tips for opening up a small bathroom and creating a more inviting space

Glendale Heights, IL (PRWEB) July 3, 2013

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas Small to Large

Using a small bathroom requires special thought and planning to be successful in its use. With such little room to work with, a small bathroom can sometimes become overwhelming for users. Chicago-based bathroom remodeling company Luxury Bath is offering its list of solutions for opening up a small bathroom with five unique bathroom remodeling tips.

1.    Corner the Bathroom

Replacing the bulky tub for a corner shower can be a great way to free up some space in a small bathroom. Bathroom Remodeling company Luxury Bath offers its neo-angled corner shower, providing the ultimate space saving design feature. Fitting neatly into the corner of the bathroom, the corner shower can open up a small bathroom to smoother traffic flow. The bathroom remodeling company’s easy to clean shower glass doors also add openness, stretching the visual length of a small bathroom.

2.    Mirror Mirror

Taking advantage of mirrors in a bathroom can reflect light and open up a small bathroom space. Remodeling a bathroom with mirrors can stretch space by reproducing it. Consider how the mirrors will be reflected and what they’ll be reflecting. Reflect the best views of the bathroom, whether it's outdoor scenery, natural light, or an interesting wall decoration.

3.    Neutral Zone    

Lighter and neutral wall colors in a small bathroom “push” out the walls, creating the illusion of a larger space. Compared to darker bathroom designs, neutral colors like the bathroom remodeling company’s soft Arctic Ice and White Slate colors create the illusion of a larger space. White and other pale colors are still considered the best colors to open up a small bathroom.

4.    Brighten Up

Better lighting also adds an expansive look to a small bathroom. Eliminate dark corners of a small bathroom, making sure the entire room in illuminated and more inviting. Also take advantage of natural light (if available), by choosing curtains or blinds that provide privacy while still letting in plenty of light.

5.    Don’t Be Shelf-Less

Opening up a small bathroom also means improving storage options. Take advantage of unique bathroom shelving options above the toilet or in the bathing area. Bathroom remodeling company Luxury Bath offers unique vertical storage options with its custom shower caddies. Minimizing bathroom clutter, the shower caddies help store all large or small bathroom essentials.

Opening up a small bathroom doesn't have to be a hassle. With the bathroom remodeling company’s five tips on how to make a bathroom larger, you’ll fall in love with your bathroom space all over again.

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