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Accessories - Shower Spas

Make your bathroom remodeling project unique with Luxury Bath’s exclusive Shower Spas! This addition to your new bathroom remodel will energize and transform ordinary water into a sensational, hydrotherapy spa-like experience! With this Shower Spa, your new shower will harness existing home water pressure to create powerful streams of reviving and therapeutic massages over your entire body!

By adding a Shower Spa to your bathroom remodeling project, you'll receive up to 8 different strategically positioned jets and four stimulating water features. Affordable and attractive, a Shower Spa is engineered for optimal performance in your new bathroom remodel!

With a new Hydrotherapy Shower Spa, exclusive to Luxury Bath, you’ll feel relief from muscle pain and shower away the stress of your day in your new bathroom remodel! Add a Shower Spa to your next bathroom remodeling project and you will fall in love with your new bathroom!

Available Styles

Mirrored Silver
Mirrored Silver
Mirrored Black
Mirrored Black

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