Dearest Amanda, OK girlfriend, you are the BEST! NO Marvin is the BEST....NO Joe the Master Plumber is the BEST....No Anthony the Project Manager is the BEST...NO Anthony the Crew Head is the BEST, NO Joel the Crew head is the BEST. OK Freddy is the BEST, OK AMY is the BEST, OK Paige is the BEST..OK Stephanie is the BEST, OK you are LUXURY BATH and you are ALL the BEST! Kudos to all of you...Glitches always happen during construction but you all came thru full force. Promises made, promises delivered. I am a salesman as well and your promises are golden and you all shined beyond the stars. We had some hiccups beyond your controls and you FIXED them all with all of our wishes. I always say...If everything was perfect in life it would be called pleasure and not business. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU FOR SENDING ANTHONY TO FINISH OUR PROJECT ON THE LAST DAY AS HE WAS FOUR DAYS INTO IT and a truly caring employee and a perfectionist He was heartbroken when he saw our glitches and was happy to fix them even though it wasn't his work ...He was so excited to see his work painted and done! I am sorry the guys can't ever see the end result of their hard efforts. Kudos to EVERYONE on our JOB... Tell your lady who does the verbal texting from Angies Listto get my story as I have bragged about you all so much my girlfriend said I should be a blogger for your company !!!! I am so grateful to ALL OF YOU! I am spreading the word in my community about your company as I have a lot of contacts as I volunteer for so many things. I hope you send the A team to Zoe and Kevin's house (including Anthony and Joel) as I told them they are the BEST...Joel and Anthony I know are crew heads but they are AWESOME will save money on labor as they work like animals...(Why they never take a break for LUNCH...I will never know!) Please send me a physical address for your company as Gary and I want to send you all something.

Luxury Bath

Hi Gary, Thank you for giving Luxury Bath Technologies a 5 star review. We appreciate your business and will definitely pass this great feedback on to our local dealer. Thank you in advance for any future referrals you send our dealer. Luxury Bath Technologies Corporate

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