In recent years, the sleek and minimalist industrial style has become increasingly popular among homeowners. If you’re looking to incorporate this aesthetic into your bathroom, the design team at Luxury Bath has several tips for pulling off the look. From the overall color palette to hardware and accessory accents, we understand what it takes to achieve your desired style!

Below are a few ways to create an industrial-style bathroom:

Use a Gray or White Color Palette

The foundation of the industrial style is a neutral color palette based in gray, white, or black. Luxury Bath offers a number of color and texture options that will work perfectly for this aesthetic, including Classic Concrete, Grayline, and Quartz. As a major focal point of the room, it’s crucial that your bath space complements your desired design!

Classic Concrete



Stick with Sleek Lines and Patterns

The industrial aesthetic is all about sleek lines and a minimalist look, not busy patterns or intricate details. At Luxury Bath, you can choose bath surrounds with a solid, uninterrupted design or geometric options like a Subway Tile or Roman Block finish. These classic, no-nonsense options mimic the feel of industrial spaces and create a stylish cohesion for the rest of your space.

Choose Matte Black or Brushed Nickel Accents

When it comes to pulling off a particular aesthetic, it’s always important to remember the details! Mismatched hardware or bath accessories will confuse the overall impression of an industrial design. We offer a wide range of matching finish options for faucets, drains, shower door enclosures, grab bars, and more. To achieve an industrial impression, our designers recommend a matte black or brushed nickel finish for these bath accents.

Complete the Design with Accessories

Once you’ve created an industrial bath space as the basis of your remodel, you can further enhance the design with other room accessories and choices. For one, make sure you have a neutral paint color on the walls. From there, finish off the look with sleek, no-nonsense bath towels or a metal, industrial-style candleholder.

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